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Frequently Asked Questions

 The Study Mentor provides a range of services, including university admissions guidance, career counseling, study abroad support, exam preparation courses, and personalized mentoring for students seeking to further their education and career prospects.

The Study Mentor is a UK-based consultancy, with its headquarters located in [City, UK]. However, we serve students from across the UK and beyond, assisting them in their study abroad journeys.

Yes, we offer visa assistance services, providing students with the necessary guidance and documentation support to help them secure the appropriate visas for their chosen study abroad destination.

We offer comprehensive test preparation courses for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, OXFORD, Language Cert  and other standardized tests commonly required for university admissions and study abroad applications.

You can reach out to us through our website, contact forms, email, or phone. Our team is readily available to assist you with your inquiries and provide the support you need.

Yes, ethical practices and transparency are core values at The Study Mentor. We operate with the highest standards of integrity, ensuring that our students receive trustworthy and reliable guidance throughout their educational journey.

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